Teasers In-Colour Portraits

Teasers for our upcoming ‘IN COLOUR’ portraits series that will include portraits and film by Bridie O’Sullivan.

Sunset Sunglasses

Kitty Joseph launched a limited edition range of Sunset Sunglasses.

The gradient lenses, inspired by colour shifting sunsets, immerse the wearer in a world of colour and optimism.

Worn and commissioned by the likes of Lady Gaga, Carina Roitfeld and Rita Ora, Kitty Joseph Eyewear has always offered an alternatively hued vision, a playful take on ‘rose-tinted spectacles.’

This unique project was realised in close collaboration with New York Based design team Studio Wé, and a group of talented artisans in Southern Italy, where the frame materials were ethically sourced and manufactured.

Carefully handcrafted, these fully transparent frames blend with the lens, each one hand dip dyed to simulate the unique ombre effects of an imagined sunset.

Available online in limited numbers.